Hey Rancher – keep this statute in your back pocket as it could be your defense if someone gets injured on your Farm:

The Farm Animal Liability Act basically provides a person* is not liable for damage to property or injury/death to a participant in a farm animal activity* if the damage comes from the dangers that are part of the inherent risk** of the farm animal activity or from showing an animal in a livestock show competitively.

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Here are your definitions:

*person includes:

  • farm animal activity sponsor
  • farm animal professional livestock producer,
  • livestock show sponsor
  • livestock show participant

**farm animal activity includes:

  • riding, handling, training
  • driving, loading, unloading
  • feeding, exercising
  • vaccinating
  • transporting
  • herding, corralling, branding, dehorning.. 

**inherent risk includes:

  • the propensity of an animal to behave in ways that may hurt or kill a person around it;
  • the unpredictability of an animal’s reaction to sound, sudden movement, unfamiliar object, person, or another animal;
  • for activities involving equine animals, certain land conditions and hazards;
  • collision with another animal or an object;
  • the possibility of one participant to do something that would cause an injury to another participant, including failure to maintain control