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Our mission is to improve people’s lives by providing reliable and practical help in all of their business and personal legal matters guided by our foundational values of honoring people, operating with integrity, and striving for excellence.

In my 30+ years as a CPA, I have never worked with a more competent and courteous firm as The Allen Firm. I am a Texas transplant, but Josh Allen made me feel as though I lived here all my life and executed both my business transactions in the most professional and timely manner possible (even called me several times on his vacation!!). I hope he never retires, because I would hate to think I would have to search for a different attorney.
P.H. Real Estate, Oil & Gas, Contracts, Business Formation and Management, Dispute Resolution
Jeremy Derington and April Robinson at The Allen Law Firm were extremely helpful, courteous, and extremely understanding of my situation. Jeremy explained the legal process and answered every question I had, and eased my worries about the process. They were fair and under the circumstances timely and detailed with all documents and processes involved. We even managed to have a laugh or two during it all. I can't express my gratitude enough to Jeremy and the firm. I've never had the need for a lawyer until this particular event entered my life, but make no mistake, Jeremy and the Allen Law Firm will be the only call I make if I need legal services in the future.
J.V. Guardianship
Josh did a fantastic job representing me at closing by working with the title company to ensure the title policy was air tight. I really appreciated how well he understood what we were needing him to do.
J.P. Real Estate
The Allen Firm has been very helpful in assisting our company with some difficult collections issues. I appreciate their responsiveness and insight in answering questions about accounts receivable and past due customers. Their professionalism and courtesy set them apart.
D.M. Collections

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K. Chris Shelton

K. Chris Shelton

Staff Attorney - Litigation Team

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Play Golf

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