Ok Rancher – your defense against liability when someone gets injured on your farm when they are participating in a “farm animal activity” has a few holes. 

You may be liable for property damage, personal injury, or death to a participant in a farm animal activity or livestock show IF:

  • The injury was caused by faulty equipment or tack provided by you and you knew it was faulty.
  • You didn’t make a reasonable effort to determine the ability of the participant to engage in the activity safely, taking into account their statements concerning their abilities.
  • The injury was caused by a dangerous known dangerous condition of the land for which proper warning signs weren’t posted or provided to participant.
  • You just intentionally or willfully disregarded the safety of the participant by doing or not doing something you should have.


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 PS. Relax, it seems if you treat a participant like you should then you’ll be fine.