During our meeting about forming your new company we were asked by you – “What do I need to do now?”

Good question. 

The answer:  “You need to set up a company and it needs to be done right. You will risk losing the protection of a company if it’s not properly set up”.

You wanted to know if it should be an LLC or a Corporation.

Another good question.  You need to next speak with these two people and ask them:

  1. Accountant:                       Q)  What type of entity do I need to form?
  2. Insurance Agent:              Q)  What type of insurance do I need for this business?

The accountant told you to create an LLC.

So, we prepared these documents for you:

  • Certificate of Formation. We filed this with the State under the name “Your Business, LLC”.
  • Organizational Meeting Minutes.  You are the sole Member and named yourself as an Officer.
  • Company Agreement. This contains all the details of LLC operation.
  • Obtain a Company Manual and completed Membership Certificates

We sent your accountant the filed Certificate of Formation and received an EIN for the LLC.

Then, you opened a new bank account using the EIN number and LLC documents.  It’s off to the races now.