Buyers, please be aware. 

You can (and should) object when there are defects or encumbrances in the title to the land / building / house you are purchasing. 

It may be your only way to terminate the contract.

Below is the paragraph which gives you this right to object. This portion is from the standard real estate TREC form; however, you will find something similar in all contracts. 

  1. OBJECTIONS: Buyer may object in writing to (i) defects, exceptions, or encumbrances to title disclosed on the survey other than items 6A(1) through (5) above; or disclosed in the Commitment other than items 6A(1) through (7) above; (ii) any portion of the Property lying in a special flood hazard area (Zone V or A) as shown on the current Federal Emergency Management Agency map; or (iii) any exceptions which prohibit the following use or activity: Buyer must object the earlier of (i) the Closing Date or (ii) _____ days after Buyer receives the Commitment, Exception Documents, and the survey. Buyer’s failure to object within the time allowed will constitute a waiver of Buyer’s right to object; except that the requirements in Schedule C of the Commitment are not waived by Buyer.