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School is almost back in session and it is time to get back to our normal routine. Summer break is fun but its time to get back to working, volunteering and all the other stuff we do while the kiddos are back in school. Sure, we get excited to go back-to-school shopping for clothes & supplies because that means we come to the end of hearing “I’m bored” or “There’s nothing to do”. We drop are kids off at school and its 9 months on normalcy. Meanwhile, an awesome force of nature called a “TEACHER” is going to spend the next nine months teaching, redirecting and loving on your kids. Most teachers that I know truly love kids and love to see them expand their little minds, help them finally figure out that problem and treat your kids like their own. They certainly do not do it for the money.


As much as they love on your kids, maybe we should go above and beyond sometimes to help out the teachers in your life. The have so many needs that they have to pay out of their own pocket. That being said, we thought we would post some ways you can help as well as some items you could get for your teacher in case she doesn’t have any.

Ways to help:

Bulletin Board – Help you teacher change out the bulletin Board once a month. Those cool bulletin boards, where all of your kids refrigerator papers are before they come home, do not happen overnight. Your teacher has to take time to make them, put stuff up, etc. If you are able, go in on a day when the teacher plans to change the bulletin board and help him/her out.

Help out while you are at home – get materials ready for a project, cut out words for a bulletin Board wall, organize items, etc. While you are home at night or its a rainy weekend, maybe you can help cut out some things for the next big project they have for the kids. Maybe it’s bulletin board letters, something for the classroom, anything to help the teacher not have to do it at home in her off hours. Most of our teachers have kids of their own and would love to get to spend more time with them.

Use your skills – Whatever your day job is or your favorite hobby, let your teacher know and maybe help them out if they need some help in that area. Maybe you love science, or math, or you are really great with computers. Kids love nothing better than to see their parents in the classrooms doing stuff and learning with them. Maybe you can build robots, or edit videos or even help update the teacher website. All these things can help your teacher feel like you are on their side and are willing to jump in when needed.

Here are some items (From actual teachers) that they would love to have to help them get through the school year.

Small Tool Kit – to fix stuff

Personal Laminator w/ lamination sheets – good to have around to laminate important papers or for multi-use teaching aids.

Eyeglass Repair Kit – kids loose screws for their glasses all the time.

Amazon Gift Card – Amazon Prime can be a life saver in emergencies. Not to mention the ability to play videos and audiobooks.

Hand Lotion – for them, not the kiddos. 🙂

Baby Wipes – Clean hands make less sickness outbreaks.

Safety Pins – Rips, tears and other needs.

Customized: from the teacher / thank you notes – Teachers like to write thank you notes or notes of encouragement. Why not let them do it in style.

The teachers favorite snack – for those long days when such or dinner can’t come fast enough.

Tide Pen – accidents happen

Goo Gone – helps get rid of stuff on chalkboards, desks, etc.

Small First aid kit – just in case.

Latex Gloves

Plastic Silverware

Vaseline and some Q-tips – for chapped lips

Hair ties

Sharpies (Fine and regular)

Good pair of scissors

Good Stapler

Colorful pens

Stickers – Kids love stickers, so teachers love stickers.


There are more ways to help but we wanted to encourage you to reach out to your teacher(s) and get to know them and see how you can help. They get to spend more time with your kids than you do.

Thank you teachers for all that you do and the love you show our kiddos. Have a great year!

– Micah