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Well folks… once again another year is flying by! It seems as if just yesterday the Christmas trees were recycled and the Village people were tucked back into their bubble wrap sleeping bags. It is officially that time of year where people are sweating while laying by the pool watching Hallmark Christmas movies in anticipation of the holidays. While the thought of drinking hot cocoa and creating the perfect gingerbread mansion is exciting, let us not forget to enjoy where we are currently in life. Once the sun isn’t as bright and the water isn’t quite as warm, we will once again start to look forward to the season we were just wishing away. It is easy to get so focused on anticipating the next season of life that we forget to realize how blessed we are with the present. Remember, the present truly is a gift!

Life can be busy, fast- paced, and most of all stressful. Instead of considering ourselves halfway to Christmas, let us stop and pick a sunflower or dip a toe in the pool. The kids are out of school which means now is the perfect time to take that day trip or long weekend away. Unfortunately just because the kids are out doesn’t mean the parents are as well. Good news though, this does not mean a vacation is out of the question! After all, isn’t the point of a vacation to break away from our everyday routine that can at times feel mundane? This summer, instead of focusing on the long beach trips or international vacations we don’t have the time for, focus on the trips that are only a short drive or even just a walk away. Life is short and often taken for granted. Soak in every moment with friends, family, and personal down time that life allows. A new year will come before we realize it so first, make this one count. Listed below are a few cheap/ free mini get-a-ways for the whole family to enjoy!

  Stephenville Area: Outdoors/ Nature: – Fossil Rim or Dinosaur World (both in Glenn Rose, TX) Entertainment – Splashville Waterpark (Stephenville, TX) – Brazos Drive- in Theatre (Granbury, TX) Historical Landmarks/ Museums: – Stephenville Historical House Museum (Stephenville, TX) – Hood County Jail and Historical Museum (Granbury, TX) Willow Park Area: Outdoors/ Nature: – Clark Gardens Botanical Gardens (Weatherford, TX) – Chandor Gardens (Weatherford, TX) Entertainment – Hole- in- Fun Entertainment (Weatherford, TX) – Splash Kingdom (Weatherford, TX) Historical Landmarks/ Museums: – Museum of the Americas (Weatherford, TX) – Doss Heritage Center (Weatherford, TX) Now go have some fun in the sun! Sam and Micah