If you are a Tenant and something broken needs to be fixed, please do a few things before you call us.  We should not be your first call. 

Consider these things for problems: 

  • Report maintenance issues in writing (through email or letter). Your lease may require certain form of writing and certain timelines.
  • Be detailed about the problem. Include the location and potential hazard it poses.
  • Attach pictures.
  • Be nice and professional. Avoid using offensive or demanding language. Just provide clear information about the issue. (Again, be nice). 
  • If no response is received, follow up in writing. (Again, be nice).
  • For emergencies – be sure to follow any emergency contact procedures explained in the lease.

As a tenant, if you maintain a positive relationship with your landlord, everything will be better for you.

Oh, and document everything.

Landlords, if you want to make sure you have a proper lease set up for a good relationship with your Tenant, feel free to CONTACT US TODAY.