Family Law: Documents to bring

Below you will find a list of documents that are/might be needed during the meeting of your Family Law case.

1. Prior and present Wills, and any codicils

2. Copies of current bank statements

3. Last Three (3) Years Tax Returns

4. Copies of Security Agreements and Notes secured by personal property

5. Copies of Mortgages and Notes on any real property

6. Financial Statements submitted to lending institutions

7. Real and personal property tax bills

8. Deeds to all real property and oil, gas, and mineral interests

9. Government, municipal, and corporate bonds

10. Vehicle titles

11. Copy of current Brokerage Account Statement

12. Life and health insurance policies and annuities and summary of current owner and beneficiary provisions

13. Savings account passbooks, statements relating to certificates of deposit, money market certificates, and liquid daily asset accounts

14. Copies of any current bills and creditors’ addresses

15. Prenuptial, postnuptial, or separation agreements

16. Stockholder or partnership agreements

17. Pension and profit-sharing plans and summary of current benefits

18. Copies of any existing Leases

19. Judgments of dissolution of prior marriages

20. Court orders or agreements under which client is obligated to provide support

21. Other documents that are pertinent to either property you own or debt that presently exists