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The Shaw Sisters

They say wisdom comes with age. As we grow and mature, we often begin to see the world in a different light. Wisdom is defined as a quality trait that shows one has experience, knowledge, and good judgement. This month’s Community Member Spotlight shines on a young lady that may not have decades of experience in life, but shows the makings of a young woman with a bright and promising future. At age nine, Allie Shaw is already unique. Not only is she a bright and vibrant young lady with a kind heart, but she is blessed with a twin sister, Ella, who is equally as remarkable as her counterpart. These two young ladies may share the same birthday and enjoy wearing the same outfits, but when it comes to personalities, they stand on their own.

Beginning May 21, the Stephenville Public Library put the work of nine year old Allie Shaw on display for the community to admire. Allie’s love for art began in the first grade under the tutorage of her first art teacher Mrs. Priddy. Allie’s first experiences with art involved pastels and lead to her being awarded first place in her second grade art show for her work with oil pastels. This year, Allie and her sister Ella moved from Hook Elementary to White Horse Academy. Since transferring to White Horse, Allie has taken to art teacher Lauren Betancur. Allie says that Mrs. Betancur is “really good at watercolors and I want to paint like her.” Front and center at her art show was her favorite of her watercolor paintings. The artwork was comprised completely with water colors of pale blues and purples forming a beautiful galaxy look in the painting.

When asked what inspires her art, Allie quickly gives credit to her twin sister Ella. “My sister is the color expert. I ask her how a certain color looks and she will tell me whether I should change it or add something”, says Allie. While Ella does not enjoy art in the same way her sister does, she has recently developed and interest in sculpting. When she is not sculpting animals from clay or reading a new book, Ella is with Allie acting as her artistic muse. When asked how she thinks her art is special, Allie admits that she likes to share her artwork with others. “ I like to give people pictures to make them happy”, says Allie. When the dynamic duo are not busy with school, art, or church, they enjoy giving back to their community. With the help of their mother, Tarleton State University professor Joanna Shaw, Allie and Ella commit at least one random act of kindness every month. They do this by participating in Meals on Wheels with their school, baking goodies to deliver to random businesses and community members, and baking cinnamon rolls every Christmas to deliver while caroling with their mom. When asked who her role model is, Allie admits that her mom is not only her biggest supporter, but also the person she looks up to the most. Allie herself is not keen on public speaking and being among big crowds. She credits her mom for “being brave and teaching a bunch of students. She stands up in front of a bunch of people and talks.”

The month of May’s Community Member Spotlight shines on this young but promising young girl. Allie Shaw uses her natural God given talent to light up the lives of those she loves. With the help of her sister, Ella, Allie is able to express herself in a unique and beautiful way. Thank you to the Shaw sisters for all they do for the community and happy early birthday!


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