Our community could not be where it is without the brave men and women who serve and protect us daily. This month, the spotlight shines on Erath County’s newest Fire Marshall Tommy Shelton. After graduating from Stephenville High School, Shelton attended Tarleton State University to receive a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice. Since 1989, the Stephenville native has served as firefighter and by 1990 became a police officer as well. During his 30-year career as a fireman, Shelton served 20 of those years on the DFW Fire and Rescue Team while simultaneously serving on his hometown fire department as well.

Shelton admits that out of his two careers, he has always had a strong passion for the fire fighting side of his job. “No one in my family ever served as a firefighter or police officer. I think I am naturally crazy because I’ve always enjoyed exciting things. I used to rodeo back in the day also”, said Shelton.
Along with an adventurous side, Shelton also has a kind and helpful heart. During his long and fulfilling career, this hometown hero found time to be a founding member of the Erath County Volunteer Fire and Rescue, become a Mason of the Masonic Lodge, serve as vice president of county livestock association, and be a member of the Lions club. As if he isn’t already busy enough, Shelton also manages his own family farm. Through both his career and personal life, Tommy Shelton exudes community pride and serves as a wonderful example for the young people of our community. When asked what advice he would give the youth of our community, Shelton said, “I would tell anyone who is trying to better their life that they can do anything they set their mind to. Work and work hard, nothing is impossible if you do. If there is truly something you want, then you can accomplish it.”

Thank you for your devotion to our community and congratulations Fire Marshall Tommy Shelton!

– The Allen Firm Team

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