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Happy Holidays everyone! The time of the year in which singing in public and eating an obscene amount of sugar cookies is upon us! Now that the trees are up dazzling kittens and babies around the world with twinkling lights, we can now focus on the most magical time of the year…. CHRISTMAS! In the wise words of Buddy the Elf, “Christmas time is about celebrating the love and happiness around us and taking time to be present with your families and recognize the spirit that lives within everyone.” The holidays can be hard. Some families mourn the loss of loved ones or feel the absence of deployed loved ones. In a time of the year that is meant to be happy even when our world can feel so sad, we must focus on one very important concept. We must find joy. In our crazy, unpredictable world, finding joy or even describing it can be difficult. This being said, I propose we look to a younger demographic to help us find the joy our lives may be lacking. From the Mouths of Babes Children ranging from the age of three to nine were asked the same three questions and with each answer I felt my heart swell. Word of advice for anyone who questions whether or not good still exists in the world; talk to children! God fills every child with hope and innocence that we must cherish and nurture before the real world settles upon their lives. Happiness, joy, and the love of God still exist. Below are the interviews I conducted with 6 children: What makes you happy? “My blankie and my (stuffed) puppy” –Jovella (Age 3) “Playing outside” –Jodyn (Age 4) “Being kind to God”- Allison (Age 4) “Sprinkles, unicorns, and glitter!” – Abby (Age 7) “Seeing kittens happy and playing around” – Allie (Age 7) “Being nice to my sister” (I think someone is trying to stay on Santa’s nice list!) –Jackson (Age 9) What does joy mean to you? *no response but smiled big and hugged her Nana* -Jovella *Danced around singing Joy to the World* -Jodyn “Happiness is when you help people” – Allison “Joy makes me joyful and makes me feel really happy. It makes me smile and skip.” –Abby “It’s like happiness.” -Allie “Everything. It means the world is happy” -Jackson What do you think gives God joy? “When I love my baby brother” -Jovella “Being a good boy and going to church” -Jodyn “Being kind to people and not being mean” –Allison “Being safe and loving him” –Abby “Us being happy and loving what we have” –Allie “When we are nice to everybody” –Jackson Conclusion Life is hard but joy is simple. Love those who touch your life in a positive way and most of all nurture the hearts and minds of God’s precious children. When life is dark their smiles can brighten the world. God’s love radiates in the smile of every child he created. This holiday season, I challenge each of you to find joy in the smiles of the Lord’s children. “Christmas time is about celebrating the love and happiness around us and taking time to be present with your families and recognize the spirit that lives within everyone.” Mark 10:14 14: When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.” Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Sam Linton

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