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Brad and Karen had a terrible evening last night. Everything was going great weeks before with the rapid growth of their landscape business. New trucks, new employees, more clients, and a great business reputation was spreading.

Unfortunately, two weeks ago their newest employee swerved into oncoming traffic causing a head-on collision with significant injuries to the other driver. Yesterday, Brad received word the driver sued their company. They have no insurance to help and the nerves were high around the dinner table discussions.

Brad and Karen should have purchased a Commercial General Liability Policy (a “CGL”). A CGL would have protected the business in the lawsuit related to the accident and saved them a lot of money and troubles.

Call your insurance agent today to discuss the need for a CGL covering your business. It will bring a lot of peace ultimately.

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~ The Allen Firm team | Your Legal Guides

PS. When you get a CGL for your business be sure you are named personally as an “additional insured” under the policy as well.

PPS. Call us today if you need a few recommendations of some great insurance people in your area.