Hey visionary.

  • You had the great idea.
    • We formed your LLC at your accountant’s request.
      • You leased an office space.
        • You contributed $10,000 to start the business but things are tight.
          • You hired an operator

Your business is growing. Congratulations. 

You’ve added new employees; moved into a larger space.

You do have a big problem coming for you which you didn’t recognize.  Your health; business; and sanity are all on the line.

Things are slowly getting more complex, and no one notices it. 

Eventually, your business will end up in what Predictable Success founder Les McKeown calls “Whitewater” on the life cycle shown below—

The business will begin dropping the ball.  Revenues will stagnate.  Profit margins will drop.  Customer complaints will become regular.  This means your company is probably in “Whitewater”.  Organizational complexity has crept in silently. 

The good news is your still growing but you need to make some hard decisions and do some maneuvering to it back on top of the life cycle. It will be a fundamental change in how business is operated but could be a lot of fun. 

We believe a business is in this stage then it will need to think about becoming successful in these 6 key business areas:

  • Organizational Structure
  • Organizational Health
  • Marketing
  • Financial Framework and Metrics
  • Meetings
  • Service Excellence

Start working on these 6 key areas and implements good systems and processes, then you may get your business back on top.

If you are a visionary who is ready to start entrepreneurship journey, then give us a call today. We would enjoy coming alongside and guide you throughout your adventure.