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Let’s be honest with ourselves, forgiveness can be HARD! Deciding to forgive someone who has hurt or wronged you requires taking the higher road. Even if it doesn’t feel like someone deserves to be forgiven for a specific offense such as causing the death of a loved one or breaking trust, keep in mind the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. I know that comparing the act of forgiving an unfaithful spouse or being robbed by someone to the death of Jesus seems extreme. However, we must remember that Jesus, himself, committed the ultimate act of forgiveness. God our Father allowed his son- pure and righteous- to sacrifice his own life to absolve each and every one of us from our sins. Imagine a mother willingly dying for the salvation of her child’s murderer. The idea of giving up one’s own life for the wellbeing of others is nearly unfathomable. Jesus did it for not just one person, but for mankind in its entirety.

Easter is the time of year when, as Christians, we marvel at scripture depicting Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Three days and three nights after being starved, whipped, and beaten, Jesus rose from the tomb. Personally, I do not think I could find it in my heart, not only to endure torture and death, but also to awaken without harboring resentment for a world full of sinners. Unfortunately, even after the sacrifice made by Christ, sin was certainly not eradicated from our world. How insane it is to think that even after His ultimate act of sacrifice and forgiveness, we as humans could not walk in His image without sin. The truth is that sin will be on Earth as long as we inhabit it. What we must take away from the crucifixion of Jesus is that forgiveness is the only way to walk with the Lord. Bitterness and resentment lead to a hard and unloving heart. To withhold forgiveness harms not only them, but us as well. God is after our heart. To love one another is to love him and his son Jesus Christ. This Easter, let us all reflect on the unfathomable sacrifice made by our Father and his Son. He did not only show us that we must love one another, but also that we must be willing to forgive. Let love win this Good Friday and have a blessed Easter weekend because…


God Bless, Samantha and Micah