In 2015, there was a car crash about every minute with more than 17,000 people suffering serious injuries. Unfortunately, there were also 3,531 deaths that year too.

Car accidents are all too common, and litigation around them can be costly, time consuming, and confusing. In Texas, car accidents are based on a theory of negligence. Negligence is the legal theory that a person owed a duty to another person, that duty was breached, and because of that breach the person was injured. In contrast, negligence per se is when a person breaks the law and that is evidence of carelessness in and of itself. This concept can be difficult to overcome for the offending party.

When someone is negligent, they are said to be liable. What that means is they are at fault, or they caused the accident. Proving someone is liable typically involves eyewitness statements, police reports, traffic cameras or any type of evidence. Sometimes, the accident is the result of both drivers.

When determining who is liable for the accident, the plaintiff, or the person filing the lawsuit, will have the burden of proof. That means the plaintiff must prove the defendant is liable for the accident.

The parties may decide to settle. This means the defending party will offer an amount of money to the plaintiff in exchange for the plaintiff agreeing to not file another claim or lawsuit. Settlements can be tricky and it is in your best interest to consult with an attorney because a variety of factors can make a settlement inappropriate depending on the circumstances of the case.

When filing an insurance claim, the insurance company will look at the actual cash value of a car, or what the car is worth at market value if it had not been destroyed or damaged. If the car is a total wreck, the owner should receive up to this amount from the insurance company. This should be compared to a total loss, which is when the estimated repair is more than the car is work at market value. Instead of repairing the car, the insurance company will typically pay out the value of the car.

The Takeaway: Understanding the language surrounding a car accident is important when deciding what to do next.

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