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Jim is a home builder. He has a great reputation and builds beautiful custom homes. He has rarely ever had a problem on a project until he met the Jones family.

The Jones family contracted with Jim to build a house on their lot in the Tailing Red subdivision. Everything was fine initially until a big disagreement arose and the Jones withheld a large payment owed to Jim.

Weeks went by with no resolution and no payment.

Builders in this position have the law on their side. Texas gives builders a lien if they furnish labor or material for a house under a contract with the owner. This is referred to as a mechanic’s and materialman’s lien.

Jim needs to do a few things really quickly though:

• Give timely notice and demand to the Jones family of the unpaid bill.
• Prepare an Affidavit of Mechanic’s Lien and file it in the proper County.
• Enforce the lien through the appropriate Court if it remains unpaid.

Builders must not wait long – timing of the notice and the lien filing are extremely important.

Jim, protect yourself. Send the notice and file your lien before it’s too late.

Excited to see you thrive –

~ The Allen Firm team | Your Legal Guides

PS. Subcontractors, you have similar protections in the law as well but with some different notice requirements. Act quickly.