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Matt Koronczok

Position: Attorney – Litigation Legal Group

Matt is an Attorney in the Litigation Legal Group. Matt joined the Firm in 2019 and has a passion for giving people clear and practical next steps in complicated legal situations. He also enjoys to see the change in a client who came to the Firm very concerned or stressed but leaves with a real peace about the situation.

Matt earned his undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University in 2013, magna cum laude. He earned his law degree from Texas A&M University School of Law in 2019, cum laude.

During law school, he served as the lead editor of the Texas A&M Survey on Oil and Gas as well as an intern to a federal judge, a federal magistrate judge, and several mid-sized and large Fort Worth firms. Matt carries this scholarly and professional experience into his current practice of law.

If you are involved with a legal situation involving a lawsuit or dispute; need help with a collection, or any other civil litigation situation, give Matt a call; he will make sure you get the guidance you need to make a great decision, come to a resolution, and be at peace with the situation.

Clients consider Matt welcoming so be sure to give Matt a call or come in and shake his hand; he is always glad to make a friend.