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Mark D. Granger

Position: Manager of Litigation

Mark is serving as the Manager of Litigation of the Firm and is a Lead Attorney in the Litigation Practice Group. Mark joined the Firm in 2014 and has a passion to guide people through the challenges of their legal situations. He also enjoys watching the change in a client who was previously struggling with a decision being able to confidently make a great and well-informed decision.

Mark graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University, magna cum laude, with a triple major in political-science / pre-law, business administration, and history. He earned his law degree from Liberty University School of Law in 2013.

If you are involved with a legal situation involving a lawsuit or dispute; need help with a collection, guardianship, or any other civil litigation situation, give Mark a call; he will make sure you get the guidance you need to make a great decision, come to a resolution, and be at peace with the situation.