Farmers and Ranchers

The Heartbeat of a Nation

From sunrise to sundown, you are doing what you love as well as providing for our community, state, and nation. Your life is busy and any good legal interruption or bad legal disruption can stop your progress. We would be honored to guide you through all situations so you can get back to doing what you love and what the community needs you to do – farming and ranching.


Good Contracts will protect you. Our business team has experience preparing all types of Contracts. Call us today and avoid the dangers of a “handshake” deal and the bad legal disruptions, which typically follow.


At times, people find themselves in bad legal disruptions. These disruptions are very stressful. Our attorneys have guided many people on both sides of lawsuits. Call us today to get the legal guidance and peace of mind you need during these times of disruptions.

Oil & Gas

Call us today when you encounter any all oil, gas, and energy situations. Our experienced team of attorneys will guide you to a good resolution and protection. We want to see you prosperous and successful in these situations.


We think it is very important for our dairymen, cattle raisers, farmers, and ranchers to be protected and successful. Our attorneys are located in the heart of agriculture communities and have years of experience offering guidance through any legal situation for our agriculture community members. Call us today.

Estate Planning & Trusts

Many people get hurt because their parents or family did not have a Will or a good estate plan. Protect your greatest asset, your family, with an effective estate plan and documents. Call us today and rest assured knowing you have protected your family.


Document Preparation

Be sure you are protected. Our team has years of experience preparing and guiding people through all kinds of loan and real estate documentation so our clients will be protected.


Protecting families is a major goal of The Allen Firm.  Setting up the future or guiding you during a loss, we will be there for you every step of the way.


You have worked hard all your life and now it is YOUR TIME. Let us make sure you are ready for the best years of your life.

Real Estate

We have a passion for Real Estate and helping with contracts, documents or really anything dealing with commercial or residential. Call Us Today!

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