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Energy, Oil and Gas

Texas Depends on You

Texas is the hub of the energy industry in the United States. Texas towns are full of businesses and individuals involved in oil, gas, and energy matters. Fully understanding the complexities of these matters will result in better protection and more money. Let us help you make the best decisions with your valuable resources.


Good Contracts will protect you. Our business team has experience preparing all types of Contracts. Call us today and avoid the dangers of a “handshake” deal and the bad legal disruptions, which typically follow.


At times, people find themselves in bad legal disruptions. These disruptions are very stressful. Our attorneys have guided many people on both sides of lawsuits. Call us today to get the legal guidance and peace of mind you need during these times of disruptions.

Employment Law

Many problems in the workplace revolve around employers and employees. If you need guidance to good decisions involving employment issues, call us today. We understand both sides issues.

Business Formation and Management

Setting up your business correctly will save you time and money! Call us today to set your business up properly or get the guidance needed through the difficulties of owning your own business.

Estate Planning & Trusts

Many people get hurt because their parents or family did not have a Will or a good estate plan. Protect your greatest asset, your family, with an effective estate plan and documents. Call us today and rest assured knowing you have protected your family.

Administrative Law

Administrative regulations and procedures are complex and overwhelming. We understand. We would enjoy guiding you to understand the situation and bring clarity. Call us today. 

Real Estate

Call us today and get us on your team to guide you through the difficulties of real estate issues. The process does not have to cause stress.


We desire to see your family protected and successful. Get the guidance you need to help make the best decisions for your family – in any legal situation.


Your property is one of your most valuable assets. Be sure to protect what you own above and below the ground. Call us today.

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