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TODD vs. The Gift

We are asked about this scenario often: “ My parent wants to transfer his/her home or land to me before something happens. Can we help them?”

FAQ About Wills

  What is a Will? Answer: A will is a document that indicates who will receive your property after your death. When you create a will you become a testator. A will allows you to talk beyond the grave about which family member gets what and appoint a guardian for...

The Importance of a Will

There are many reasons why people postpone writing a Will. Maybe it’s a reminder that one day we will no longer be here on this earth or maybe we are struggling with the fact that someone else will be the owner of all the stuff we have worked so hard for. Whatever the...

Don’t forget to pay your taxes!

Deadlines for federal tax calendar For companies who use the federal tax calendar and are electing large partnerships, in October, the company will need to pay any tax that was obtained through a six-month extension. December: By December 15, corporations will need to...


Joy. We have all USED the word joy at some point in our life and we have all FELT the word joy in our life. What is it that brings YOU joy? Is it fishing? or dancing? or every time you get to hug your loved ones? Really, It could be anything. Anything that makes you...

Mannequin Challenge

The Allen Firm, PC Mannequin Challenge In the spirit of the holidays we decided to have some fun. Special thanks to our staff for participating.