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Appealing a FEMA Denial: Where Do You Start?

After a disaster, many things start happening all at the same time. However, after a disaster survivors have often lost most of their worldly possessions and paperwork to help prove who they are and what they own. The lack of documentation frequently leads...

How to Get FEMA’s Help After Disaster Strikes

Disasters are merciless. They deal-out suffering to a community without regard to their circumstances or needs. Hurricane Harvey was no exception. Harvey brought a level of destruction that tested every Texan’s poise and resolve.

Probating a Will: The Necessary Steps

Probating is the process in which a person’s will proved valid by a court. After that, the court will identify property, appraise said property, pay taxes and then distribute the remaining property according to that state’s law.

Teachers Rock

School is back in session and it is time to get back to our normal routine. Summer break is fun but its time to get back to working, volunteering and all the other stuff we do while the kiddos are back in school. Sure, we get excited to go back-to-school...

Back-to-School tips for Parents

The start of each new school year is both exciting and stressful for parents and students. We’ve assembled a few tips that can help you start the year off in a positive direction.

Why staging a home so important

Why is home staging so important, you ask? Think about the last major event you attended. Possibly a wedding, an award ceremony, job interview or maybe just a hot date? I bet you remember what you wore,…

Insurance Tips : First Time Homeowners

Purchasing your first home can be both exciting and a bit stressful. Lenders, taxes, closing costs, inspections, and appraisals are all things buyers are considering when taking this step into, what may be, their biggest investment. Homeowners insurance is often...

To Sell or Stay: Understanding the Tax Implications

While channel surfing, you may have come across a show called, “Love It or List It.” This show is about couples that have to choose whether to buy a new house or upgrade their current home. Each couple has a reason for disliking their house: they need more space for...